Unboring!Wedding Certified Standard of Conduct

All Unboring!Wedding Certified members have agreed to comply with the following values as a condition of maintaining recommendation and membership in good standing:

  • 1: Collegiality – Members will carry out their services in a prepared, professional manner that is respectful of clients, their guests, and other event professionals. Unboring!Wedding Certified members will foster a spirit of collaboration and collegiality among fellow officiants, regardless of Unboring!Wedding Certified membership.

  • 2: Adherence – Members will apply to the best of their ability the standards and practices of their 20+ hours of training as set forth in Unboring!Officiant and Unboring!Officiant: PRO to engage and serve their clients according to the best practices of wedding officiating.

  • 3: Honesty – Members will represent the scope of their officiating or celebrancy services honestly, accurately, and fairly, and will not make false claims to prospective or existing clients and other wedding industry professionals.

  • 4: Professionalism – Members will honour all commitments made to clients and other wedding industry professionals, will arrive on time, and be well-prepared for all contracted ceremonies.

  • 5: Privacy – Members will conduct their businesses in a manner that is consistent with the training and standards of Unboring!Wedding and the wedding industry. They will adopt best practices that protect the public against harm, and agree to take all reasonable steps to safeguard received information with confidentiality.

  • 6: Legality – In cases where they legally register marriage licenses, members will comply with all applicable local and federal laws when officiating and registering marriage licenses, and conduct their business according to the laws set forth by local government.

  • 7: Representation – Members will use the Unboring!Wedding Certified name and badge only as authorized during their 12-month period of certification, and cease (with the exception of previously-printed materials) using the Unboring!Wedding Certified name and badge upon notice of expiry or termination.