My 5-step Guide to Officiating a Wedding Ceremony the Unboring Way

So you’ve been asked to deliver a wedding ceremony…

But you’re confused, overwhelmed, nervous, and intimidated.

My free 5-step guide will take you through building a professional 10-part traditional ceremony that people will actually enjoy.

I’ll teach you how to craft, script, and deliver a wedding that honors the couple’s love story and leaves guests feeling like they’ve just been part of something extra special.

My 5-Step Guide Will Teach You

The 10 critical elements in a classic wedding script. Plus, you’ll learn what to add and where to add it for an extra special ceremony!

The best way to format your ceremony script to guarantee that it’s user-friendly for your couple and readable for you during the ceremony!

How to be a calm and confident presence on the wedding day. Double-check these 7 crucial details to ensure things go smoothly from the moment you take the front.

A traditional wedding has dozens of details and hundreds of things that could go wrong. Conquer it all in just five steps to deliver an unforgettable wedding where everyone has fun.