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WEDDING OFFICIANT BOOK: Wedding zero to ceremony hero

Are you at Wedding Zero when it comes to performing a wedding ceremony? No problem! Mark Allan Groleau has helped thousands of new officiants and celebrants performing wedding ceremonies all over the world get rave reviews from their ceremonies.

‘Wanna write the wedding ceremony your couple actually wants? Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero is no wham-bam filing cabinet of canned ceremony scripts for you to copy and paste. It’s not a data dump of wedding instructions, either. Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero is a step-by-step, follow-along process.

You’ll learn two things at once: First, as you read, you’ll be learning all the ins and outs of a wedding ceremony–down to the granular details. Second, at the very same time, you’ll be transforming yourself into a guide for your wedding couple.

When you get to the end of this book, you’ll be able to describe all the moving parts of a wedding ceremony, rock a planning session with your couple, and deliver the script they’ve always wanted.

Learn to officiate with ease and style

Tim Patterson

An excellent book! Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero provides a play by play to be an M.V.O most valuable officiant! The grizzled old local wise man (Mark Allen Groleau) tells you step by step, what you need to know and do to perform the perfect unboaring ceremony. Mark backs up his advice and guidance with entertaining tales from ceremonies he has performed.

If you have been asked or thinking of officiating a wedding for a friend or loved one this is a must read. Personally Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero has given me the confidence to officiate my Daughters wedding. Thank you, Mark!”


Margaret Whipple

“What you see is what you get! In this book Mark Allan Groleau has given us everything promised in the title and more. Divided into three parts there is an abundance of information clearly and concisely written. A spreadsheet is provided for planning and use as a checklist leaving no doubt as to the next step. I found the information easy to read because of Mark’s distinctive way of putting ideas into words. Along with the professionalism of this format there is a certain warmth felt as Mark shares his experiences with couples, family customs, diverse wedding parties, very young attendants and his own ‘learning experiences’.

Whether you plan on starting a business or are a one-timer marrying a friend or relative this book is exactly what you need to make their occasion perfect.”


David Steele

“Concise genius. This is packed full of personal insights from a self made expert in the field. Mark has written this guide in a perfect manner. The details and guidance is easy to follow. The words jump off the page taking form as you the reader digest the details.”


Inna Mitev

“This book covers ALL the in’s and out’s of the ceremony and all the options and details you need to go over with the couple beforehand. This is the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow, detailed, and modern explanation of how to run a wedding ceremony out there. Mark goes over how to run a “wedding workshop” with the couple 6 weeks before the wedding so that all the details are agreed upon and there is time to make changes and arrangements. Following the system laid out in the book with ensure that there are no curve balls for you, or the couple, the day of the wedding. There are so many little details you would NEVER think to consider unless you had years of experience doing this.

I especially recommend this book, and his system, for those that don’t have much time to prepare!”


Zachary Wiss

“If you want to learn to officiate a wedding, this is your book. Mark doesn’t waste your time with fluff. Every page gets right to to the point. He anticipates problems and situations you’d never think about on your own, and gives you approaches that work. These are not scripts to follow, but explicit directions on how to become an expert wedding officiant. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the subject.”