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The wedding was amazing. Everyone loved the ceremony, and the bride and groom were so happy with it. It was also their first time hearing the script, so that really added to their experience. I received tons of compliments, and even the DJ said I knocked it out of the park. The entire audience (along with the bride and groom) were laughing and crying throughout the entire ceremony, and everyone had a blast. Thanks so much for your help. Your coaching really made all the difference!

– Howard Ko

It was a home run! I can say for sure that without finding you, it would have been a mediocre and fumbling affair, but with your quick-strike package, we were looking like pros and couldn’t have felt more satisfied after the ceremony. You really gave us a gift with the time you spent and the work you’ve done making this system available to all the amateur and pro officiants out there. Thank you, Mark!

– Louis Haywood

Could not have gone better! Dozens and dozens of people told me it was amazing – best wedding they have ever been to. I had grown men crying. Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it nearly as well without you.

– Mary Walker

Ceremony went great! Got a bunch of laughs from the bride and groom and the audience. I got so many compliments afterward from their family and friends. Everyone said it was really engaging and loved the story. The groom recognized a few of the things he sent me but was blown away with how the whole thing came together. One friend did ask if I’m for hire for their wedding this summer! I’m very grateful for all your help! It took the stress out of it and made the whole process really fun.

– Inna Mitev

Mark, it could not have gone any better! I had people laughing in stitches, and others with tears falling from their faces. The content was on point and I nailed the delivery! People were coming up to me all night raving about the ceremony. I can’t thank you enough, you truly are a wizard and a master of your craft! Thank you thank you thank you!

– Paul Shapiro

What a night. I can’t thank you enough for everything I’ve learned about doing weddings. It’s given me the confidence to shrug off the little snags. Most importantly, I was able to keep reminding the couple that this was all about them, and not to worry, I got this. Thank you so much for being a great wedding mentor!

– Joy Silva

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The 3 Times to Get Out of the Way in a Wedding Ceremony

There are three crucial moments when the wedding officiant needs to step aside in the wedding ceremony. As officiants, we're literally the centre of attention for almost the entire ceremony. I mean, there's no need to hog the spotlight the entire time! Hopefully, we keep our self-into in our opening comments down to a single sentence or two, and then our officiant speech is entirely about our couple. With our words, we're doing our best to deflect everyone's attention to who the whole day is...

What To Say at a COVID Wedding

You take your place at the front, turn to face the wedding guests, and... they're all wearing masks. They're spaced 6 feet apart. The room is half empty. You can't make out any smiles. You can't pick up on the excitement in the room. The only sign of life you can see is pairs of open, expressionless eyes. You clear your throat and get ready to speak. There are two ways this can go. Say Nothing So It Seems Normal? Conventional wisdom goes like this: "When something is socially uncomfortable,...

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