Learn Some of My Wedding Ceremony Tips and Tricks on YouTube!

This is the one-stop spot for pointers and pro-tips for wedding officiants from Mark Allan Groleau, a full-time, booked-solid, professional officiant on Canada’s east coast.

Here you’ll find how-tos and strategies for officiating a killer wedding ceremony that’s just right for your couple. Starting out and officiating for friends for the first time? Or a professional who’s officiated for a while and now but you’re looking to take your officiating to the next level? This is the place to find out what’s working right now.

My passion is to help you learn from my full-time, booked-solid wedding officiating experience, and to get you all the tools you need to officiate unboring weddings for delighted couples and their thrilled guests!

Be sure to comment, say hi, let me know where you are on your officiating journey, and tell me what kind of pointers and pro-tips you’d like to see there.

Keep CRUSHING IT and we’ll talk soon!