Your Custom Love Story

I can’t be there, but next best thing: I’ll write your custom love story

There’s no love story like yours. In my unique funny and moving style, I’ll write your full story, what you love about each other, and what your family and friends love about you. Then I’ll send off the print version to your officiant or reader who can deliver it in your ceremony. I’ll even record it as an audio file and send it to your videographer who can use it as a narrative voiceover for your engagment, wedding, or reception video. And voila – you’ll have that unboring wedding day love story that everybody loves!



How does it work?

1) I send you and your fiancee some questions.

I’ll email you a survey form asking you about:

  • your first impression of each other,
  • your first date,
  • your proposal,
  • what you love about each other,
  • giving me a few email addresses of friends and family.
2) You each fill it out and send it back to me.

Ideally, within three weeks of your wedding date and without reading each other’s answers, you’ll describe for me all the above events on the survey form and I’ll have “both sides of the story.” It’s so fun to see the differences and similarities in how you describe the same milestone occasions in your relationship!

3) I email your friends and family with some questions about you.

You’ve each given me a few email addresses of friends and/or family members who you know will gush about you. I’ll email them and ask:

  • what they know about how you got together,
  • what they know about the proposal,
  • what they love about you as a couple.
4) I write your story.

I’ll put all the answers together and write a full, funny and moving story that includes:

  • how you first met,
  • how the first date went,
  • how the proposal went down,
  • what each of you loves about the other (in your own words),
  • what your friends and family love about you as a couple (in their own words),
    (optional:) a brief reflection about how today is special because of the promises you’re making to always be there for each other for the rest of your lives.
5) I send you your story in both print and audio formats.

With both the script and audio recording of your story, you have choices: I’ll email your completed story/full speech to your officiant or a reader who will practice the delivery and read it in your ceremony. AND I can send the audio file to your videographer who can use it as a narrative voiceover for your engagement, wedding, or reception video!