I’ve been officiating weddings for 10 years. The first few were rough. In fact, I didn’t even like doing weddings. But then in a risky move, I departed from convention and made the ceremony all about the couple and their story.

It was electrifying. I did it again and again. Over a few years, I developed a style and system that could guarantee I’d thrill every couple and their guests.

The Unboring!Wedding Formula was born. And with it, I found my mission: make weddings unboring everywhere.

Whether you’re a couple getting married in New Brunswick or a friend or relative who’s been asked to officiate a wedding in New Zealand, this mission includes you.

Are you a couple in New Brunswick looking for a smashing good time at your wedding?

It starts at your ceremony. You’ve come to the right place. Hit the enquiry page and see if I’m available on your date.

Are you a friend or relative who just got asked to officiate a wedding?

You’re overwhelmed and stressed. I’ve to all the tools and training you need. You’ve come to the right place. Check out my free guide, my blog, my coaching, my book, and my courses.

With this training, you join an elite group of officiants and celebrants worldwide who are demonstrating just how fun and moving and elating a wedding ceremony can be. And the world is taking notice. My work has appeared on every major North American news network.

For couples, their guests, incredible officiating, and for the very best your wedding can be… let’s do this.

Let’s settle for nothing less than an Unboring!Wedding!

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