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My name is Mark Allan Groleau

Over the last decade I’ve built up a full-time, booked-solid wedding officiant practice that consistently wows newlyweds and thrills their guests. I’m here to show you how to follow my exact method and create that same electric experience for your couples and all their guests!


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Whether you’ve been asked to officiate a friend or relative’s wedding or want to start your own officiating practice, I’ve got the tools for you.


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Through coaching, courses and learning tools, you’ll learn the best practices of writing, rehearsing, and officiating a ceremony based on the same proven process I’ve used to thrill couples and fellow officiants and celebrants week in and week out.

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Your course is awesome! I loved all the little tips and tricks and found the entire thing easy to follow. Though, to be honest, I am not too surprised because I have been a fan of and used your videos since 2019. The couple that I officiated for this weekend had nothing but wonderful things to say about my officiating, and the vast majority is because of your course, so thank you!

- Ciro Guerra

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