Ksenija Hotic Photography

Your wedding:

custom, personal,

and I guarantee you’ll love it.

I’m writing with your collaboration.

“Custom” means that from the welcome to the vows to the ring exchange to the pronouncement and everything else, I guide you through the options and we work on it together.

I’m telling your love story.

“Personal” means (and this is the best part!) I’m not just pulling some platitudes about love out of a can from the wedding I did before you.  How did you meet? What were your first impressions of each other? What happened on the first date? How did the proposal go? What do you love about each other? There’s magic in how you and your fiancé came together and why, and even more magic in telling your family and friends on your big day.

You’re going to love it.

Okay – maybe this is actually the best part: I literally guarantee you’ll love your ceremony or you get all your money back. I’m just that insistent on creating a heartwarming and touching experience that will wow you and thrill your guests.

I craft your perfect ceremony – about you. There’s never been another wedding like it, and there never will be again. So let’s set up a no-obligation chemistry check so we can meet, you can ask me any questions you have, and you can decide whether my style is a good fit for you.